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Zaporozhye Steel Works LLC


“Zaporozhye Steel Works” LLC (further «ZSW» LLC) is an advanced company with high technological level, mechanization and automation of production. Our production facilities make possible manufacturing of the products by progressive technological process on modern processing equipment with necessary quality control according to national and international standards, special customer’s requirements.

Types of products and it’s main features

“Zaporozhye Steel Works” LLC specialized on reprocessing of secondary ferrous and non-ferrous metals and manufacturing intermediate products and castings from them. The list of products manufactured by «ZSW» LLC includes:

Zaporozhye Steel Works
  • alloys based on iron, manufactured according to GOST, DSTU and the standards of other countries and customer requirements specified in the contract;
  • steel castings, produced according to GOST, DSTU and engineering documentation (ED) other countries standards and customer requirements specified in the contract;
  • cast iron, manufactured according to GOST, DSTU and a ED and customer requirements specified in the contract and the relevant requirements of normative documentation.

Our company is supervising next ecological monitoring of the secondary ferrous and non-ferrous metals::

  • pyrotechnic control;
  • radiological control.

«ZSW» LLC has advanced laboratory facilities that enable to define accurately chemical compound of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and equipment for mechanical testing. High quality semi finished products and casting of alloys based on iron and copper is achieved by:

  • the spectral control of the sorting scrap;
  • processing by molten flux and inert gas;
  • using of the high quality alloying materials;
  • by the express-test of chemical compound;
  • by mechanical testing;
  • thorough quality control of all stages of production

Zaporozhye Steel Works

With the aim of further developing and improving of product quality, the company Zaporozhye Steel Works co-operates with leading international manufacturers of modern metallurgical equipment and introducing new, modern technologies for the production of high-quality castings. Products with the brand name of «ZSW» LLC comes within Ukraine and abroad.

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