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Technological process description

For the manufacture of castings in the company use the following processes:

  • Casting into the chemically hardening mixtures (CHM) according to the Furan process by using 2-automatic molding lines OMEGA. The weight of castings from 0.9 to 200 kg.
  • Casting into the sand molds, using flaskless automatic molding machine with facing sand. The weight of castings from 1,0 to 100 kg.
  • asting into the CHM forms, made by the hand molding in flask (for making of the large-sized castings with weight up to 3000 kg).
  • Coreshooter type AHB-40HV produces Cold-Box cores. Coreshooter made in Germany.
  • Metal smelting is in the S/S Induction furnace INDUCTOTHERM Q=3,0 t.

The technological process of casting includes quality control at all stages of the production::


  • Incoming quality control of molding, core and charging materials.
  • Quality control of molding and core mixtures.
  • Temperature monitoring of the liquid metal.
  • The control of the chemical composition of the castings is carrying out according to the approved programs and methods of metrological attestation by Optical Emission Spectrometry SPECTROMAXx, SPECTROLAB and gas analyzer CS 800.
  • The mechanical properties control of castings is carrying out according to the approved techniques by using of the testing machine MM-50, pendulum impact tester O 5003-0,3; apparatus of hardness TK-2, T-2M.
  • The control of dimension accuracy of the castings.
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